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Donate a Bible for Bibles 4 Youth Program

The following bible has been discounted for donation to the Bibles 4 Youth program. You will not be charged for postage of this item and we will send this directly to the Bibles 4 Youth program.

The Bibles 4 Youth Program

Bibles 4 Youth will be distributed to any Youth Ministry (in Victoria) that requires bibles to give to their kids or young people for general use, bible studies or to give to new Christians or take to High School ministry events. This allows Youth Ministries to not use their budgets buying stacks of bibles to distribute to all their kids or young people who don't have one.

You can help support this ministry buying going on-line and purchasing a bible. Or you can simply donate a used bible by contacting Kingdom Dreams. For further details please read the bibles for youth attachment on the website or contact Kingdom Dream Ministries Australia or BMO Books.