Teaching Little Ones: Salvation - Stephanie Carmichael - CD-Rom
  • Teaching Little Ones: Salvation - Stephanie Carmichael - CD-Rom
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Teaching Little Ones: Salvation - Stephanie Carmichael - CD-Rom

The Teaching Little Ones series of CD-Roms provide an 'out-of-the-box' syllabus for young children in your Sunday School or Kid's church. Salvation is for 5-8 year olds.

What better time to start teaching children than when they are young? Paul reminds Timothy that he had the privilege of knowing the holy Scriptures "from infancy" (2 Tim 3:14-15).

Teaching Little Ones is a six-year syllabus of Sunday School lessons for young children by Stephanie Carmichael, author of Their God is so BIG.

On each CD-ROM there's virtually everything you'll need for one year (that's 40 weeks) of lessons-including lesson plans, story scripts, action rhymes, prayers, activities and craft ideas. You won't have to worry about recurring licence fees or buying workbooks-once you have bought this CD, your church can use the lessons year after year. The material is provided in Adobe PDF format so you can distribute individual lessons to teachers via email, allowing them to prepare in advance and print off only the sheets they need.

This is the third part of a syllabus designed for 5-8 year olds-children in their first few years of school. Children are introduced to the important biblical theme of 'salvation' through key characters (Elijah, Jonah and Paul) and events (the Flood, the Exodus). Children also learn that the message of God's salvation ultimately points to Jesus, the saviour (rescuer) to whom they must personally respond. The syllabus contains eight lessons which clearly explain the gospel in an accessible way, as well as six lessons on living the Christian life. Salvation is also learnt through special Christmas and Easter lessons.

Product Code: tlosa
ISBN: 9781921068676
Title: Teaching Little Ones: Salvation
Author: Stephanie Carmichael
Series: Teaching Little Ones
Format: CD-Rom
Recommended Age: 5-8
Category: Bible Software
Sub Category: Sunday School Syllabus
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